First off, many marketers are pushing Futuristic Marketing, a course by Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson.

If you are looking for the link, here it is —> Futuristic Marketing.

So why is Doug Firebaugh and I teaming with Jonathan Budd?

Well, my love is obviously business development, and helping entrepreneurs grow a successful business…

And help some of those entrepreneurs even sell their businesses.

One thing marketers have to understand is that they “can’t expect what they can’t inspect”.

So in other words, a marketer must have a blueprint, and that blueprint must teach on how to track or inspect
certain parameters of marketing… so that they can expect certain results. Futuristic Marketing does exactly that!

Next, an entrepreneur has to know how they stack up in comparison to other marketers.

It’s not that you need to focus on your competition necessarily, but you do need to understand where your inadequacies and adequacies are. Again, Futuristic Marketing teaches that.

In conclusion, you need a product or a course that can teach you how to get out of lead poverty.

I’ve said this time and time again, and that is most entrepreneurs are in what we call ‘Lead Poverty’. It is my belief, Futuristic Marketing, the course, will teach you how to get out of lead poverty.

I’ve lead the way in many different industries with my talks on mobile media, and I believe when you tie social, local, and mobile together, you bridge the gap. It’s now called ‘SoLoMo’.

You are not going to hear anyone in the home business industry and very rarely out in the technology sector talking about how tie Social, Local, and Mobile together. I’m going to get more into that in the future on my Internet Radio Show.

But I want you to pick up this course, Futuristic Marketing, because it gives you a platform and a blueprint on how to get started in becoming a successful marketer online, and it specifically teaches you Social metrics… which is so vital to a new business.

Written by - Josh Peak


So I have been asked by many people in the entrepreneur circles…

Have you heard of Ryan Blair?

Was he really a gang member turn successful entrepreneur?

How does he motivate people to change their life in a positive direction?

What nuggets can he give to the new entrepreneur?

What is his best seller book about, and who did he write it for?

I will talk about that tonight at 8pm CST/9pm EST at the Ask Josh Peak Radio Show.

Written by - Josh Peak


What does Josh Peak use for Conference Calling?

July 29, 2011

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