What does Josh Peak use for Conference Calling?

by Josh Peak on July 29, 2011

Q: I have been asked by so many people here lately, what conference calling service do you use?

A: I will tell you this, my heart was broken the day we couldn’t use a certain service anymore.

This one particular company offered so many bells and “whistles” for Free. The company went out of business!

Then we all got the dreaded email, saying they weren’t offering their services like in the past.

It was a bummer. All the companies using this service were like, “we’ll pay for the service, just give us a price”. The service was that good.

So, I did some research, and found some great services to use.

You can check my blog post out on this topic at: Josh Peak Blog

In that post, i mentioned some hard to beat services.

I am NOT an affiliate of their services, not even sure if they are affiliate based… but just giving you a great resource.

Keep the great questions coming, you can submit them at the Contact tab above… or on the side bar.

There is a form to submit the questions. Either way, they will get to me.

Josh Peak

Written by - Josh Peak

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